【TOEIC專欄】When/while /as差在哪?進階寫作用連接詞整理!





When/while /as=「當…的時候/期間」

a. as的用法

通常用來表示在特定時間之內的動作,因此如果不是特定時間內的動作,因此像是see ,know, love, want, agree 等等的動詞皆不能as(同這類動詞也就是用來表達時態、但是不能夠使用於進行式)


1.When we were in the kitchen, they were in the living room.

=They were in the living room when we were in the kitchen. (當我們在廚房的時候,他們在客廳。)  

*當如果要表達一邊….一邊..的時候,通常使用As/ as well as  喔!

I ate cookies as I read book. =(我邊吃餅乾邊念書)  


b. when 與 while的比較


Don’t talk while you eating. =(吃飯的時候不要說話)  

When 則是用於表達短時間內、有先後順序的動作,就如同as一樣,因此句子內的動詞通常都是V原型動詞、規律性的動作也要使用when、。

when it get hotter, we sweat more. =(天氣越熱,我們留越多汗水)

*when/before/after從屬子句若為未來式的話,則必須用簡單現在式代替 We will go out for a picnic when the weather is nice.  


2. Because 的同意字

a.Because因為=owing that; as; due to the fact that; for the reason that.

b. because of 由於,因為=due to; owing to; resulted from; by reason of; on account of; as a result of (從屬連接詞)



Because I’m not good at math, I choose the English major.

=owing that I’m not good at math, I choose the English major. (因為我對數學並不在行,所以我選擇主修英文。) 



but 然而yet /however/nevertheless/ nonetheless .

so 因此=thus/therefore/ hence /consequently/in consequence/as a result/for this reason 

though, although :  even though /despite that/in spite of/in spite that/ notwithstanding/ even so/nevertheless/in spite of 

otherwise否則:  or else/ if not /in a different way/ apart from / aside from/in other aspect.

suddenly突然:  unexpectedly/abruptly /all of a sudden/all at once 

on the opposite 反過來說: on the contrary/ in contrast/ on the other hand /on the other way /on the opposite 



1.otherwise 除了”否則” 的意思之外,用英文解釋帶有under other circumstances/differently 還有apart from的成分!


We are safe here. Otherwise, we will get killed.

=We are safe here. In other circumstance, we will get killed.

我們在這裡很安全,除了此之外,我們會被殺死。 =我們在這裡很安全,否則, 我們會被殺死。



2.Despite/ in spite of VS  Although Despite 這個字帶有雖然的意思,但本身唯一介係詞,因此後方必須放上名詞或是所有格等詞類!所以如果要讓Despite與Although帶有相同的意思的話,請看以下例句~

Although I will graduate from school soon, I will still be like student that never stop learning.

=Despite the fact that I will…. =Despite being as a graduated student soon, I will…..




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