11 effective strategies for hiring top tech talent 8. Search, Don’t Publicize   Instead of waiting for top talent to come to you, find them. Expand your own professional network on LinkedIn and AngelList, and when you see someone with a great profile that matches what you’re looking for, reach out to them via a private message and ask them if they’re interested. 與其靜待頂尖人才找上門,不如找出他們吧!擴大在LinkedIn和AngelList上的專業網絡,當見到簡歷與你的要求相符的,就透過私人訊息聯絡他們,詢問他們是否對職缺有興趣。 (39) Expand  KK [ɪkˋspænd] vt.  擴大;擴充;發展 (40) Profile  KK[ˋprofaɪl] n. [C] 【美】傳略,人物簡介;概況 Most people, especially if they’re at large companies, aren’t fully engaged with their jobs or satisfied. They’ll be flattered that you found their experience attractive and they’re more likely to be excited about the interview process than someone who’s been scouring the Internet for jobs. – Dave Nevogt,Hubstaff.com 大部分的人──尤其任職於大公司時─不會全然忙於工作,或因此得到滿足。他們會因為你發現他們的傲人經歷而開心,且相較於整日刷網頁求職的人,這些人在面試過程中會展現較高的興趣。 (41) Flatter  KK [ˋflætɚ] vt. 使高興,使感到滿意 (42) Scour KK[skaʊr] vt.  擦淨;擦亮;洗滌   9. Tap the Local Market   Broad-based online recruiting might work for some fields, but tech talent happens to not be one of them. Each tech professional is wildly different than the next. Coders and the like tend to be strong personalities and have narrowly focused talents. Just going off of a résumé from LinkedIn is not going to tell you enough about a potential tech hire. 無止盡地在網路上招募,或許適用於某些領域,但這套對科技人才卻不管用。每個科技人才間有極大的差異。編碼或相關人員通常具有強烈的人格特質,和仔細專心的能力。而科技人才從LinkedIn上寄出的履歷,卻不足以展示潛在雇傭關係中所應了解的條件。 (43) Broad-based  KK[ˋbrɔd͵best] a.  無限的 (44) Codera person or thing that codes (45) The like:a similar kind (46) Focused  KK[ˋfokəst]a.  專心的;集中精力的 In addition, tech professionals are used to being sought after, so they won’t seek you out. To effectively recruit, start making contacts in the local tech community and ask around based on your specific needs. You’ll likely get an intro quickly. – Brian HonigmanBrianHonigman.com 此外,科技專家已習慣受人吹捧,他們不會自己找上門。要有效的招募,必須先與當地的科技社群聯繫,並基於你的特殊需求四處詢問。你很可能會馬上得到介紹。 (47) Sought after KK [ˋsɔt͵æftɚ] a.  受歡迎的,很吃香的 (48) Intro KK[ˋɪntro] n. 【俚】(社交)介紹   10. Make a YouTube Video That Highlights Members of Your Tech Team   Incorporate some of the people in your tech department into a YouTube video so the candidates watching get an idea of your company culture and the type of people already on your technology team. They have a different angle and insight your marketing team simply doesn’t have. The message from a non-techie is likely to miss the mark. – Joshua Lee, StandOut Authority 將科技部門的人員體現在youtube影片中,如此一來,應徵者便能了解公司文化與科技團隊中現有的人才種類。這些科技應徵者,具有行銷團隊中所欠缺的不同觀點與洞察力。所以,來自非科技專家的訊息,可能無法達到效果。 (49) Incorporate  KK [ɪnˋkɔrpə͵ret] vt. 及物動詞 使具體化;體現 (50) Angle KK[ˋæŋgl] n. [C] 可數名詞 觀點,立場 (51) Insight KK[ˋɪn͵saɪt] n.[(+into)] 洞察力,眼光 (52) Miss the mark:to fail to achieve the result that was intended   11. Seek Out Top Talent, Then Ask for Referrals   It may be difficult for you to poach the CTO of a successful firm. However, that same CTO likely has a network of other talented developers. 或許對你而言,從一間成功的公司中挖角技術總監是一件困難的事。然而,那些技術總監﹝雖然無法被你挖角﹞卻可能有其他開發者的通訊網絡。 (53) Poach KK[potʃ] vt.  (侵入他人地界)偷獵(或偷捕);偷獵;偷捕 (54) Firm KK[fɝm] n. 商號,商行,公司 Reach out to the untouchables, acknowledge that you’re aware they are satisfied where they are, but would love to know if they have any recommendations. This allows them to do some good and gives you access to a network you wouldn’t have had before. – Adam StillmanSparkReel 與那些你不可能招募到的人聯繫,向他們表示:你明白他們滿足於現有職位,你只是想知道他們是否有任何推薦人選。這個方式,能讓那些技術總監協助你,提供你一個之前不可能擁有的網絡管道。 (55) Untouchable KK [ʌnˋtʌtʃəb!]a.  達不到的,碰不著的 (56) Acknowledge KK [əkˋnɑlɪdʒ] vt.  承認 (57) Recommendation KK [͵rɛkəmɛnˋdeʃən] n.  推薦[U] (58) Do good:aid, help

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