11 effective strategies for hiring top tech talent

Technology has become an essential department for any business. And as the rise of technology continues to evolve, the competition for businesses to secure strong talent will become even more cutthroat than it already is. So, how does your business stand out from the crowd?


(01) Evolve KK[ɪˋvɑlv] vi.  逐步形成;發展;進化;成長

(02) Secure KK [sɪˋkjʊr]  vt.  弄到,獲得;替……弄到

(03) Cutthroat KK[ˋkʌt͵θrot] a. 拼命的;劇烈的

(04) Stand out from the crowd:to be very obvious or unusual

I asked 11 entrepreneurs from the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) community the following:

Competition for tech talent remains fierce. What is the most effective strategy you’ve used for publicizing your open tech position?

我在 Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC)社群上問了11位企業家下列問題:


(05) Entrepreneur  KK[͵ɑntrəprəˋnɝ]  n.  企業家;事業創辦者

(06) Talent KK[ˋtælənt]  n.  天才們,有才能的人們[U][G];天才[C]

(07) Publicize KK[ˋpʌblɪ͵saɪz] vt.  宣傳;公布;廣告


Their best answers are below:

1. Offer Face Time With Your Current Tech Team


We frequently send our current team to networking events to meet potential candidates and spread the word about our company. Conversations happen organically because they share a technical language, and your team can speak honestly and immediately to the tasks and culture of your company.

Additionally, the candidate now has a personal connection with the company, and you have the benefit of having vetted a candidate before they even walk in your door to interview. – Shradha AgarwalContextMedia



(08) Vet  KK[vɛt]  vt. 調查;檢查



2. Build Relationships


As the founder, I go to meetups regularly to meet tech talent. If they’re smart, interesting and have a personality that would seem to be a good cultural fit, I keep in touch with them and check in regularly. If we have an opening, I reach out to them first.


(09) Founder  KK[ˋfaʊndɚ] n. 創立者;奠基者;締造者

(10) Cultural fit:is the likelihood that a job candidate will be able to conform and adapt to the core values and collective behaviors that make up an organization.

(11) Opening KK[ˋopənɪŋ] n. (職位的)空缺[C]

(12) Reach out to:to try to communicate with a person or a group of people, usually in order to help or involve them

At the end of the day, it’s all about relationships. We’re also focused on offering benefits no one else can. For example, we’re a travel company, so we can offer unique opportunities to our staff. We want to make Go Overseas the best place in the world to work. Accomplishing that will attract all kinds of talent, including top tech talent. – Mitch GordonGo Overseas

畢竟,現在什麼都離不開「關係」。我們同時也注重提供其他公司沒有的福利。譬如:我們是一間旅遊公司,便能提供獨一無二的(旅遊)機會給自家員工。我們想將Go Overseas打造成世界上最棒的工作場所,只要達成該目標,便能吸引各式人才──包括頂尖的科技人才。

(13) At the end of the day:something that you say before you give the most important fact of a situation


3. Open Code Jams


Posing a mentally tantalizing challenge allows potential recruits to show off their problem-solving prowess while providing you with an initial level of screening for technical expertise and initiative. Lure in potential hires with unique prizes and spread the open challenge far and wide to niche communities via social.   – Sharam Fouladgar-MercerAirPR


(14) Tantalizing  KK[ˋtæntl͵aɪzɪŋ] a. 逗人的;惹弄人的;撩人的

(15) Recruit KK [rɪˋkrut] n. [C]  新成員

(16) Problem-solving  KK[ˋprɑbləm͵sɑlvɪŋ] n.  解決問題;找出問題的答案

(17) Prowess KK [ˋpraʊɪs] n.[U] 非凡的能力;高超的本領

(18) Screening KK[ˋskrinɪŋ] n.  選拔

(19) Expertise KK[͵ɛkspɚˋtiz]  n.  專門知識;專門技術

(20) Initiative KK[ɪˋnɪʃətɪv]  n.  首創精神;進取心[U]

(21) Niche communities:refers to social network that are set up by an organization that facilitate social networking for people in a specific niche

(22) Niche KK[nɪtʃ]  n. [C]  合適的職務(或地位等)[(+in)]




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